NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS)

The NSWIS Applied Research Program (ARP) was established by the board of the NSWIS in 2006. The ARP’s role is to undertake both independent and cooperative research that is designed to add value to the NSWIS athletes, coaches and sports programs. It does this by undertaking and applying the outcomes of research to develop improved training methodology in conjunction with industry partners and coaches. The research program also supports and is involved in the supervision of a number of honours, masters and, doctoral programs in areas as diverse as education, mathematics and statistics and engineering. We are active participants in a number of Australian Research Council (ARC) linkage grants as the innovator of the project and as an active industry partner.

The NSWIS houses a variety of facilities for the measuring of a wide range of aspects of human function under differing environmental conditions, including:

  • Physiology laboratory for the assessment of physical work capacity and power production;
  • Biochemistry laboratory;
  • Laboratory and field based expired gas analysis systems for the determination of whole body oxygen consumption and estimation of fuel utilisation and caloric expenditure;
  • Environmental room allowing the assessment of work and physical strain under different environmental conditions;
  • Biochemistry laboratory for blood and other bodily fluid analysis. Measurement areas include blood, gases and electrolytes, immunochemistry and hormones; and
  • Biomechanics laboratory with 60m synthetic runway, force plate and automated 3-D digitising system, load cells, transducers and instrumented telemetry systems for in-the-field measurement of kinetics, video cameras, video acquisition and playback systems for quantitative and qualitative kinematics.

The ARP has been awarded Registered Research Agency status by the Australian Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, in the areas of physiology, medical and clinical biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, biotechnology and other medical and health services. This allows the ARP to be contracted to undertake commercial Research and Development projects on behalf of multi-national companies and SMEs while still allowing them to retain their R&D tax benefits. Funds obtained from the ARP projects are re-invested into equipment, research funds, scholarships and grants.

A key skill we bring to SMEs is the opportunity to test and evolve products developed for specific monitoring into new are with minimal or no re-design, this assists the SME in entering new markets and provides new business opportunities . An example of this is a current project examining the application of low intensity pulsed ultrasound to improve healing rates of stress fractures and the application of technology designed to classify different types of leukemia to understand the effect of different types of exercise on immune function.

The ARP has established a number of key partnerships and relationships including:

  • Coca-Cola South Pacific: design and testing of Powerade Sports Drinks;
  • itSports – design and effectiveness of compressive garments; and
  • PE Sportsvision – vision and eye-hand coordination an reaction time training equipment

The expertise of our staff has been recognised by their representation on a number of advisory board and committees of companies, sporting bodies and universities. This broad experience allows us to understand the commercial realities and requirements. As part of its long-term strategy to enhance its research capacity, the NSWIS is seeking to further develop its research facilities to provide a greater opportunity for engagement and cooperative research.

For more information, please contact:

Corinne Turner
NSW Institute of Sport
PO Box 476
Sydney Markets  NSW  2129
P: 02 9763 0222

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